Philip Parker – Local Artist

Philip Parker - Local Artist

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Philip Parker is a local artist and old friend of Black Dog Pictures and Framing. We have framed all of his paintings and drawings since we started in Mwrog street, almost 3 years ago. He has an extremely interesting style, not to mention an original imagination, and it is well worth a visit to his website, or you can see some of his paintings on display opposite the Corn Mill in The Powerhouse (The Market on the Fringe), Llangollen.

The above are two of the three paintings that we are in the process of framing at the moment, part of the 'stock' he is building up for an exhibition in the next 12-18 months. He paints portrait commissions - just don't expect it the next week, as he he likes to meet the subject , discuss the context of the picture, and then take great care in the completion to ensure satisfaction.